About Freaky Kids®

Ambulatory Art & Antagonism™

FreakyKids was started because I love art and artists, have intense interest in the force that is pop culture and believe that life on the planet is improved when thinking people act. We design quality gear, build relationships and operate our shop based on these three motivations.

You have tons of options for printed tees. In the interest of simplifying your already busy life, here's the thing. FreakyKids has great designs, poignant words and even some funny stuff printed on the total yumness of American Apparel® and Alternative Apparel®. Any and all world changing that occurs after you slide into FreakyKids is out of my hands. Whether you and I make the world a better place through the mass circulation of witty and insightful ambulatory billboards or just change my neighbor's mind about the dangers of canned tuna, is not our burden to bear. FreakyKids will make great stuff, you put us on and we'll just see what happens. Sound cool? No pressure, but the fate of the universe may be tottering on your next apparel purchase. Be strong. Do the right thing. We believe in you!

Welcome to FreakyKids and let us know how we can serve you and the planet.


PS If you're an interested artist/designer, fling a note over to design@freakykids.com and we’ll send you info about our unique royalty-based structures or the FreakyKids community.



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